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Box Dragon is a welcoming game dev house with an undying love for open source collaboration.

Learning from each other is how we progress.

Many of us were only given the opportunity to learn the craft because of open source software. We believe in sharing back the things we learn for others to share back their developments in turn. We do it for the principle of giving back something small for all that we were given, but also that it makes sense from a small business perspective to collaborate.

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Rust @ Box Dragon

Rust's defining feature is trust.

Technical issues with game dev staples C & C++ make it difficult to trust other people's code, with memory safety issues being the biggest culprit.

Hitting a memory corruption bug in a third-party library towards the end of a development cycle is a nightmare scenario for any developer, and these issues can crop up anywhere in a codebase. It's like finding a needle in the haystack.

Rust is much easier to audit, enabling organizations to trust open source code and more freely integrate new code into the codebase.

To create the best player experiences, we must stand on the shoulder of giants. We believe Rust will enable us to spend more time on things that matter to players, while collaborating with the open source community.

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About Box Dragon

New PC Game Studio in Gothenburg

At Box Dragon, we combine our creativity to realize immersive PC games. With a shared passion for crafting experiences, we are united under a singular vision. Our team is developing our first title now. We're seeking likeminded artisans to help build the foundation and add their own unique marks to our studio.

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